I see feelings. 

I’m exploring the concept that human emotions are other life forms existing in other dimensions of reality. I am allowing them to become the visual forms they would like to become, unveiling them through drawing, painting. and sculpture. The feelings we experience give lifeblood to these beings. It is so important to be present with them, and let them heal inside of us, so we can simultaneously heal, and reflect that healing into the earth.  These interdimensional beings are reflections of our psyche and enter our collective consciousness through meditation, introspection and other inward journeying practices. I am an artist, yoga practicioner, runner, nature lover, and dreamer. I am not afraid to explore the subjects that have been labeled “woo-woo”. I work full time at Lite brite neon in kingson, ny, and am working towards a Masters in art therapy.

Rhode Island School of Design in 2011 Illustration

Instagram: @healerself

email: elfritts89@gmail.com